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Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Skye Branch

The "Skye Dance Collection" of dances has been made up by members of, and people associated with, the Skye Branch of the Royal Scottish Dance Society. To purchase a copy please contact the Branch Secretary.

Skye Dance Collection Book 1 comprising:
  • Welcome to Skye (Jig)
  • Strathcare (Strathspey)
  • MacLeod's Tables (Reel)
  • Stan and Janet's (Jig)
  • Broadford Bay (Hornpipe)
  • The Exciseman (Reel)
  • Anne Munro of Portree (Jig)
  • Farewell to the Island (Strathspey)
Skye Dance Collection Book 2 comprising:
  • Somerled Square (Jig)
  • The Breakish Postie (Strathspey)
  • The Lochalsh Reel (Reel)
  • The Beekeeper's Medley (Strathspey/Jig)
  • Mrs Helen Baillie (Strathspey)
  • The Pensioner's Reel (Reel)
  • The Waternish Tangle (Jig)
  • Eilean Ban (Strathspey)

Please note that Book 1 is only available as a photocopy, price £2.50.   Book 2 price £3.50.

Copies of the "Skye Dance Collection" CD are available at a cost of £5.00 from the Branch Secretary.

Skye Core Dance Booklet

Click here to download our booklet of core dances in PDF format.

To print, please select landscape, duplex printing and choose the "flip on short side option".

30th Anniversary Dances Booklet

Click here to download 30th Anniversary Dances in PDF format.